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AFC U-16 Championship – DPR Korea in Group C

AFC U-16 Championship – DPR Korea in Group C
Bangkok: Hosts and former champions Thailand have been handed a tough group when they were drawn in Group A with two-time winners Korea Republic, Oman, who won this championship in 1996 and 2000, and Malaysia in the AFC U-16 Championship 2014 to be held in Bangkok in September this year.

The 16-nation competition will be played from September 6 to 20 with the top four teams will qualify for the FIFA U-17 World Cup to be played in Chile next year.

Thailand, who won this championship in 1998 beating hosts Qatar on penalties, will take on Malaysia in the opening match on September 6.

Defending champions Uzbekistan were pitted against Kuwait, DPR Korea and Nepal while last edition’s runners-up Japan, who won this title twice in 1994 and 2006, were drawn in Group B along with Australia, two-time champions China and Hong Kong.

Group D comprises of former winners and last edition’s hosts Iran, Syria, two-time champions Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


Group A: Thailand, Korea Republic, Oman, Malaysia

Group B: Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong

Group C: Uzbekistan, Kuwait, DPR Korea, Nepal

Group D: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Coppa d’Asia 2015: la RPDC nel gruppo B

Sorteggio fortunato per la RPDC che pesca le due avversarie meno temibili delle prime due fasce (Uzbekistan e Arabia Saudita) e la Cina in terza fascia.

Group B
Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Korea DPR, China PR

10 Jan 2015
Korea DPR
Stadium Australia

14 Jan 2015
Korea DPR
Saudi Arabia
Melbourne Rectangular Stadium

18 Jan 2015
China PR
Korea DPR
Canberra Stadium

Campionato 2014 le partite

New information – 31-03-2014
Kigwancha – Sonbong
Mangyeongbong – Amnokgang
Kwanmobong – Wolmido

Rimyongsu – Chongchongang
Mangyongbong – Ryongaksan
Hwaebul – Sobaeksu
4.25 – Rimyongsu

4.25 – Sinhungsan
Pyongyang – Kalmaegi
Ryongaksan – Myohyangsan
Pyongyang – Kyonggongopson

Sobaeksu – Myohyangsan
Naegohyang – Wolmido
Ponghwasan – Amnokgang
Mangyeongbong – Ponghwasan
Kigwancha – Wolmido
Amnokgang – Sobaeksu

Ryongaksan – Chongchongang
Rimyongsu – Sinhungsan
Rimyongsu – Kwanmobong
Hwaebul – Kyonggongopson

Mangyongbong – Kalmaegi
4.25 – Myohyangsan
Pyongyang – Ryongaksan
4.25 – Myohyangsan

no matches
Sonbong – Wolmido
Ponghwasan – Sobaeksu
Kigwancha – Rimyongsu

Pyongyang – Wolmido
Sobaeksu : Amnokgang
Ponghwasan : Naegohyang