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Football Rhythmic Exercise Popular in DPRK

Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) — Football rhythmic exercise has been recently created in the DPRK.
Experts say it is helpful to football training and warming-up.
The exercise is divided into three parts, which should be done to the tune of songs “Campfire”, “It Is Offensive” and “Dash toward Future”.
In this regard, Kim Chol Ung, vice-principal of Pyongyang International Football School, told KCNA that the rhythmic exercise has been introduced in football training, proving effective. -0-

Fc Korea: il girone di andata si è concluso

Si è concluso il girone d’andata della Kanto Soccer League, divisione regionale giapponese, in cui gioca l’FC Korea, la squadra di riferimento della comunità coreana del paese nipponico. Questi i risultati:
1 g – 4/4/2015 FC Korea – Tonan Maebashi 1-0
2 g – 12/4/2015 Fc Korea – Vertfee TAKAHARA NASU 0-3
3 g – 19/4/2015 FC Korea – Tsukuba Football Club 0-2
4 g – 25/4/2015 FC Korea – VONDS Ichihara FC 0-1
5 g – 3/5/2015 FC Korea – Tokyo23 Football Club 2-2
6 g – 9/5/2015 FC Korea – Ryutsu Keizai University FC 2-1
7 g – 17/5/2015 FC Korea – Saitama sc 1-0
8 g – 23/5/2015 FC Korea – Urayasu Soccer Club 1-0
9 g – 31/5/2015 FC Korea – Hitachi Building System S.C. 2-1

1-VONDS Ichihara FC 20 pt
2-Urayasu Soccer Club 17 pt
3-FC Korea 16 pt
4-Tsukuba Football Club 15 pt
5-Tokyo23 Football Club 15 pt
6-Vertfee TAKAHARA NASU 10 pt
7-Tonan Maebashi 9 pt
8-Saitama sc 9 pt
9-Ryutsu Keizai University FC 8 pt
10-Hitachi Building System S.C. 6 pt


Jo Kwang-Myong: Messi inspires me

Korea DPR always bring a well-oiled machine to FIFA tournaments. No matter the competition, the Asian contenders play a game based on diligent pressing across the pitch and a capacity to resist pressure, allied with a counter-attacking threat and a penchant for the unpredictable. An Ye-Gun’s side at the FIFA U-20 World Cup New Zealand 2015 are no exception, and in Jo Kwang-Myong they boast their very own diesel engine.

Despite kicking off their campaign with a punishing 5-1 loss to Hungary, Korea DPR have proved in the past that they cannot be written off too early. In last year’s AFC U-19 Championship, for example, they struggled to find their rhythm early on before booking their place in the World Cup with a victory in the quarter-finals – and ultimately finished runners-up. “It’s true that we started off a little timidly in the continental finals,” says An. “I hope that tournament will inspire us in this World Cup.”

As soon as they had secured their ticket to New Zealand, Korea DPR played with a new-found freedom against Uzbekistan in the last four. The Young Chollima dominated from start to finish in a 5-0 victory that owed much to the combustive energy of left-winger Jo, who scored a hat-trick that day to bolster his reputation as the country’s most exciting prospect.

“He’s certainly a very good player,” explains An. “He showed that during the continental tournament. Unfortunately for my team and me, he was stopped in his tracks by an injury this winter, so he’s not playing to the maximum of his potential at this U-20 World Cup.”

I’m a huge fan, and actually we’re the same size. He inspires me a great deal.

“I’m just a link in the chain,” insists the player himself, speaking to Jo finished the Asian U-19 finals as joint-top scorer on five goals, but he is reluctant to be singled out for praise. “Of course, scoring goals is very satisfying and something I try to do. In fact, it’s the feeling I prefer most in this sport – but how could I score goals without the crucial help of my team-mates? It seems unfair to me to draw all the attention to myself. The star isn’t me – it’s the whole team.”

The evidence speaks for itself, nonetheless. Jo may have put his shyness to one side to argue otherwise, but he remains a special talent. The North Korean No13 boasts a full range of skills, with perhaps his aerial game his only weakness at 5’7. “I just try to rely on the qualities I have to help my team make the difference,” he says. “I think I’m fairly quick and have a certain ability for dribbling.”

That is as far as he is willing to go to discuss his own attributes, but he does admit to an admiration for Argentinian phenomenon Lionel Messi. “I’m a huge fan, and actually we’re the same size. He inspires me a great deal.”

Above all, though, Jo is a fan of his own team and their formidable character, which he cites as Korea DPR’s defining quality. “I don’t think the strength of our side comes down to any of our individual players. And, to be honest, I don’t think there can be another team at this World Cup with a better collective attitude than the one that’s driving us in this tournament. It’s our strong point.”

For the moment, the Korea DPR machine is at a standstill. After their opening defeat, the Asian hopefuls need to get their motor running again, starting against Nigeria on Thursday. Desperate to avoid a total breakdown, and end a run of seven games without victory in this competition, it is time for Jo and Co to set off down the road to success.

Promising Girl Footballers

Pyongyang, June 5 (KCNA) — The DPRK girl footballers came first at the 2015 AFC U-14 Girl Regional Championship (East Asia).
Among them are Kim Ryu Song and Kim Yun Ok, who won the title of best player and the title of top scorer respectively in the championship.
Kim Ryu Song scored five goals in four matches and played a key role in opening the score in the finals.
Kim Yun Ok kicked a total of nine goals in the championship.
Both of them started football at juvenile sports schools from a few years ago, but they have proved successful in many domestic games. -0-

DPRK Directs Efforts to Training Reserve Footballers

Pyongyang, June 3 (KCNA) — The DPRK again came first at the 2015 AFC U-14 Girl Regional Championship (East Asia) in the wake of last year’s.
Its team scored 32 goals in three group league matches only and five goals in the semifinals and finals.
This success and a well-organized system for training reserve footballers in the DPRK are now arousing admiration from among experts of the world.
The DPRK has a lot of juvenile sports schools and primary and secondary school football groups, which were set up in different parts of the country under the care of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government. And the Pyongyang International Football School was opened two years ago.
At those training centers many children have grown up to be reserve footballers, cultivating their skills through such annual sports contests as the National Schoolchildren’s Sports Contest for Jongilbong Prize and the National Games of Juvenile Sports Schools.
Among them are Ra Un Sim, Ho Un Byol, Pak Yong Gwan and Han Kwang Song who contributed to the DPRK’s victory in women’s football event of the 17th Asian Games and the 2014 AFC U-16 Championship. -0-

National Children’s Football Contest Closes

Wonsan, June 4 (KCNA) — The second national children’s football contest was closed with due ceremony
The finals were held at the Playground of the Songdowon International Children’s Camp on June 4.
The men’s team of South Hamgyong Province and the women’s team of North Hamgyong Province separately placed first at the contest. -0-