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Resoconto del viaggio della selezione giovanile della KSAJ a Pyongyang

La selezione giovanile della Korean Football Association in Japan (KSAJ) ha giocato quattro gare in Corea. Questi i risultati:

1 luglio  Sonbong U15 – KSAJ 2-4 (4 goal per Ryang Hyun, della scuola superiore di Tokyo)

3 luglio, Sosan,  Rymongsu U18 – KSAJ 1-3  (reti di Pak Song-Ju, scuola di Kyoto, Kim Sun-Myon e Ryang Hun, scuola di Tokyo)

5 luglio, Pyongyang, Stadio Kim Il Sung, Amnokgang U15 – KSAJ U15 2-2

7 luglio, Sonbong – KSAJ









nella foto Ryang Hyun


Vittoria a tavolino 3-0 contro lo Yemen

La FIFA ha imposto la vittoria a tavolino della RPDC nella gara giocata contro lo Yemen l’11 giugno.

Gli arabi avevano schierato un giocatore squalificato, Mudir Al Radaei.

La RPDC aveva comunque vinto la gara per 1-0, ma questa notizia rende ancora migliore la classifica del girone, con un vantaggio di due reti sulla differenza goal. Attualmente i coreani sono primi a 6 punti con +5 di differenza reti.

Korean Deaf Football Team

Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA) — In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea disabled persons enjoy socio-political rights without any discrimination under the government’s policy for protection of the disabled.
It is well evidenced by the recent activities of the Korean Deaf Football Team.
The Korean Deaf Football Team was organized on May 29, Juche 103 (2014).
The team has given systematic football education to deaf-and-dumb persons selected from deaf schools across the country and Pyongyang Jangwon Exchange Company.
It made its debut in the world sports arena of disabled persons by attending the international deaf friendly tournament in Australia in December last year.
Hong Chol Jin, a coach of the team, told KCNA:
At first I worried about deaf-and-dumb footballers. But I studied football tactics and methods suitable to them, learning their language. Now, all of them are regarded as my younger brothers.
My team is now intent on the training to take part in forthcoming international games. I will devote my wisdom and zeal to producing more talented footballers.
Ku Jong Ok, mother of footballer Kim Song Il, said:
I had been always anxious about my deaf son. But, now I am happy to see my son take part even in international game. It’s my mind to train him to be a talented footballer honoring the country with gold medals.
The Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled is planning to intensify sports activities for the deaf in such more events as Taekwon-do, judo, field and track and wrestling. -0-