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S. Korean football chief to visit N. Korea for meeting

SEOUL, Aug. 20 (Yonhap) — The top South Korean football official plans to visit North Korea for a regional conference, the sport’s national federation said Thursday.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) said its president, Chung Mong-gyu, will ask the government for permission to travel across the border for the 46th East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) Executive Committee meeting in Pyongyang on Sept. 19.

Chung is one of three vice presidents of the EAFF and also serves on its Executive Committee.

According to the EAFF, participants will spend a night in Beijing on Sept. 17 and fly to Pyongyang the following afternoon.

They will then attend functions prepared by the North Korean Football Association before departing Pyongyang on Sept. 21.

Founded in 2002, the EAFF has 10 member states: South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, Guam, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Ari sports Cup International Youth U-15 Football Tournament

L’Ari Sports Cup è un torneo internazionale under-15 giunto alla seconda edizione che si svolgerà a Pyongyang.

Il torneo è organizzato dal South and North Korean Sport Excange Associaton e l’anno scorso fu ospitato da Incheon, SUd Corea.

Saranno presenti al torneo squadre provenienti da tre continenti: per l’Europa ci saranno i croati dell’HNK Segesta, per il Sudamerica i brasiliani dell’Atletico Sorocaba, due squadre provenienti dalla Cina e due dalla Corea del Sud (una di Gyeonggi e una di Gangwon), oltre a due squadre nordcoreane.
Probabile presenza anche di una squadra uzbeka.

I giovanid ell’Atletico Sorocaba in viaggio verso Pyongyang.

4 reti per Pak Kwang-Ryong

Quattro reti per Pak Kwang-Ryong nella tracimante vittoria del Biel-Bienne contro il Grand-Sacconex nel primo turno della Coppa di Svizzera:

FC Grand-Saconnex – FC Biel-Bienne 1-10 (1-3)

Stade Marc Burdet, 200 Zuschauer/spéctateurs.

SR/arbitre: Dégallier

Tore/buts: 4. Manière 0-1; 15. Kololli 0-2; 21. Pak 0-3; 34. 1-3; 48. Pak 1-4; 51. Pak 1-5; 56. Marchesano (Pen.) 1-6; 58. Pak 1-7; 58. Kololli 1-8; 62. Karlen 1-9; 72. Kololli 1-10

FC Biel-Bienne: Molina; Zangger (62. Nsumbu), Ferati, Fekete, Manière; Ljubicic, Marchesano (59. Karlen), Kololli, Popara, Hayoz (46. Kamber); Pak.

gelb/jaune: 88. Cattin FCGS


Women football team shining in glory

    Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) — The DPRK women’s football team recently won the 2015 EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup, consolidating its position as the strongest in Asia.    The team took the first place at the 2012 Four-nation Women’s Soccer Invitation held in China, the 2013 East Asian Cup, the 6th East Asian Games in 2013 and the 17th Asian Games.    In particular, it defeated the Japanese team, winner of the 2011 World Cup, three times at those international games.    Supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent a congratulatory message to the women footballers for winning the 2015 EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup and personally greeted them at the airport, before having a photo session with them.    Upon their arrival, over 200 000 Pyongyangites turned out to greet them with cheers.    Kim Kwang Min, chief coach of the team, in a press conference said the team would add luster to the homeland with more gold medals, keeping deep in mind the loving care and trust shown byKim Jong Un. -0-

I have a big responsibility at BFC: Kim

New Signing Talks About The Delight At Signing For The Blues, His Personal Target For The Season And How He’s Itching To Play In Front Of The BFC Faithful…

Kim Song-Yong is a self-confessed struggler when it comes to putting across his thoughts in the English language. But throw him into the confines of the six-yard box and inhibitions are swiftly thrown out of the equation. It’s been more than a week that Bengaluru FC’s new signing has begun training with the team and he’s warmed up to this new chapter in his career, faster than he expected.

“Everything at BFC is good – my teammates, the coaching staff, training sessions, the facilities and the place where we are put up – it’s all so good. When you have so much good going for you it makes settling into a new city and club easy,” says the striker who played for Shillong club Royal Wahingdoh last season and Rangdajied United the season before.

A Japanese-born North Korean, Kim was on gaffer Ashley Westwood’s radar given the threat he possesses in the box and his aerial prowess and the striker hopes to repay the faith. “I have come here with a big responsibility. I have to score and score regularly. I won’t be accepting anything less than 10 goals this season,” he says.

Fans got a glimpse of Kim during the club’s first pre-season friendly against the India under-19 team last weekend in which he played the first 45 minutes. But while he’s aware no judgements would have been made, Kim refuses to go easy on himself. “I wasn’t pleased with the way I played. I have a lot of work to do. This phase of tuning my body is as important as the time when competition begins. I need to work on my communication,” he opines.

Kim admits he discarded possibilities of a switch elsewhere the moment he knew Bengaluru came calling. “Champions in the first year, runners-up in the second – it tells you all you need to know about the ambition of this club. Then again, there is the AFC Cup to play for and it’s a personal dream to do well on that stage. Everything is so organised here. I’ve never been at a club that uses heart-rate monitors and GPS systems and this is just one of things BFC does correctly.”

He’s been no stranger to the fans at BFC having played at the fortress with his former teams and Kim is only too happy to have them on his side this time around. “I walked past a banner with my name on it the other day and it was nice to see! It was really nice of the fans to make me feel welcome like that. I cannot wait to play in front of them once the season begins,” he signs off. We’re certain the feeling is mutual.

Pyongyangites Welcome Women Footballers

Women footballers returned home after winning the title of the 2015 EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup.

They lived up to the expectations of the party, the country and its people by proving successful at the 2015 EAFF East Asian Cup in the wake of the 2013 East Asia Cup and the 17th Asian Games.

Pyongyang was clad in festive mood on Monday as it will greet proud daughters of the DPRK.

The route from the airport to Ryonmot-dong, Ryonghung crossroad, Kaesonmun Street and Changjon Street was crowded with more than 200 000 Pyongyangites with DPRK flags, bouquets and balloons in their hands.

A bus carrying footballers headed for the city amid welcome of people in Sunan District.

When the bus reached the entrance to Ryonmot-dong, a large platform truck waited for them.

When the truck started, the crowd again broke into rousing cheers.

They visited the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill to lay a floral basket and bunches of flowers and paid tribute to them.

There was a press conference with players and coaches at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on the same day.

Present there were media persons in Pyongyang.

Chief coach Kim Kwang Min referred to the scope of the event and the successes made by women footballers.

Captain of the team Ra Un Sim said: We could win victory as we displayed extraordinary mental power to make a report of victory to Marshal Kim Jong Un who repeatedly showed love and repose trust in us.

Womens footballers feted

    Choe Ryong Hae, secretary of the C.C., the Workers’ Party of Korea who doubles as chairman of the above-said commission, made a congratulatory speech at the reception.    He said that the proud victory won by the admirable women footballers powerfully encouraged the service personnel and people in their dynamic general offensive to win the final victory in the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.    He called upon all players and coaches to win shining victories by outrunning rivals of other countries, bearing in mind the sports spirit of Juche Korea, and bag more gold medals in every international game.    Chief coach Kim Kwang Min said in his reply that the team could demonstrate the heroic stamina of Songun Korea again at the recent cup entirely thanks to the profound trust and deep loving care shown by Marshal Kim Jong Un.    There was a performance given by artistes of Pyongyang City for the women’s footballers. -0-

Kim Jong Un Greets Women East Asian Cup Winners at Airport

DPRK women footballers arrived at the Pyongyang International Airport on Monday after winning the 2015 EAFF East Asian Cup.

During the games held in Wuhan, China they trounced the Japanese, Chinese and south Korean rivals, scoring 9 goals by applying guerilla-style offensive tactics and thus created the myth of winning every match.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un together with Ri Sol Ju greeted them at the airport.

Accompanying him were Choe Ryong Hae, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Ri Il Hwan, department director of the C.C., the WPK, Kim Yong Hun, minister of Physical Culture and Sports, and Kim Jong Man, chairman of the Football Federation of the DPRK.

At 4:00 p.m. the plane entered the area before the terminal.

Amid the playing of a welcome music, Kim Jong Un together with Ri Sol Ju came out to it.

He shook the hand of each footballer and warmly congratulated them on bringing gold medals to the country. He had a photo taken with them.

Warmly congratulating them, proud daughters of the country and its people, once again in the names of the WPK, the government of the DPRK and all service personnel and people for demonstrating the dignity and might of the power of Juche in the games by displaying indefatigable mental power and by applying the guerilla-style offensive tactics set forth by the Party, and preparing a precious gift dedicated to the 70th anniversaries of the liberation of the country and the founding of the WPK, he gave warm thanks to them.

Greatly excited and touched to have the honor of being greeted by him upon their return home, the women footballers rushed to his arms with tears welling up in their eyes.

Huge crowds at the airport enthusiastically welcomed the footballers who came back in triumph after adding glory to the country with indomitable spirit, grit and high technique.

Pyongyang City was wrapped in a festive atmosphere as more than 200 000 citizens enthusiastically welcomed them along the long route from the airport to the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium.

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