AFC U-16 C’ship Final: DPR Korea preview

“The players are OK ahead of the final and they have a lot of desire to perform well. Han is one of our main strikers, and as he is back, the other players are encouraged,” said former DPR Korea international striker Yon (pictured) ahead of his first final appearance as a head coach.

“As the competition goes on, our physical condition is not as good and of course at the same time, Iran and Australia were good teams and not easy to beat. In the last match against Australia Han did not play so that gave us some stress, but even in the last two matches, we had chances to score.

“I am not thinking about penalties and I don’t think they will happen in the final because our strikers are good and Han is back. He has had a full rest so he has benefited from the yellow cards.”

“I did not go to the stadiums to see Korea Republic’s matches, but I have watched videos and found they are as strong as Australia and Iran. But now Han has returned, I plan for us to have more chances and more goals than in the last two matches,” added Yon.

“Their player Lee Seung-woo is a good player, but I think compared to our strikers, they are at the same level, and even he may be better in my opinion so we are not too worried about him. But he is the best player in his team, and we need to be careful.”

“I think the reason Syria lost the last match was because when they conceded the second goal, they lost their mental strength,” said Yon.

“And also in my opinion, they were satisfied with qualifying for the World Cup, and after conceding two goals, they we discouraged.”…-afc-u-16-c-ship-final-dpr-korea-preview.html