DPRK Attaches Importance to Football: Chairman of East Asian Football Federation

    Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) — Zhang Jian, chairman of the East Asian Football Federation who visited the DPRK said, when interviewed by KCNA that the DPRK has attached great importance to football.
    The DPRK gives full play to the great potentiality, he said.
    Women footballers are making shining achievements in international games as expected by their leader and people, he noted.
    The news of the DPRK’s women footballers’ games has evoked lively response abroad, he added.
    The DPRK, though small in population, proved successful at international games not just because of the players’ strong mental power but thanks to the increasing state concern for sports, football, in particular, he noted, adding:
    Marshal Kim Jong Un greeted at the airport the DPRK women footballers who won the title of the 2015 EAFF East Asia Cup and had a photo session with them.
    I have known well how great he has concern for football.
    He watched games of various football teams of the DPRK and met with players, something rare in other parts of the world.
    During my visit to the DPRK, I intended to propose various issues concerning the development of football in the DPRK, but I felt no need to do so.
    The DPRK is successfully promoting projects at a very high level.
    There are many things to learn in the DPRK, I think.
    I hope that the DPRK would achieve greater success by reenergizing the sports exchange with various countries and steadily developing the educational system on the basis of advanced technology. -0-

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