DPRK Championships Gain Momentum

Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) — The ongoing DPRK Championships are drawing the deep attention of sportspersons and fans.
In this regard, KCNA had an interview with Pak Kwang Rim, a department director of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports.
Pak: The current championships mark an important occasion in promoting the development of the nation’s sports technique and keying up the social interest in sports.
For their success, the ministry appointed competent persons the supervisors and organized training courses for them to strictly abide by the game rules and regulations set by the international federations for each event.
Also ministry officials carefully examined stadiums and gymnasiums as well as the lists of players so that no wrong one can take part in the championships.
Journalist: I want to know about events to be included in the championships and about their present situation.
Pak: The championships deal with more than 100 categories in tens of events.
At present, competitions take place in more than 20 events, including football.
The male and female footballers of the April 25 Sports Team are leading the premier soccer league matches held at the Kim Il Sung Stadium.
In track-and-field events, Kigwancha and Amnokgang sports teams have proven successful, renewing the previous records.
In the acrobatic gymnastic event, the Ministry of Commerce Sports Team drew attention of spectators by smoothly performing skillful movements.
The Sports Team under the Ministry of Land and Marine Transport won a sweeping victory in rowing, yachting and water skiing events.
The April 25 Defense Sports Team and the Amnokgang Defense Sports Team showed good results in shooting and archery events.
The championships will display the sportspersons’ strong will to contribute to the building of a thriving socialist nation with more gold medals. -0-