First Korean Football Team

First Korean Football TeaFirst Korean Football Team

The first Korean football team was formed by the graduates of Pyongyang Taesong and Sungsil middle schools in 1918. Hence its name Muo team meaning “ team of 1918.”

Most of its members were teachers. They would gather at one place for training before matches.

Sound mind and strong beef were preferential consideration to skill and tactics at that time. But the Muo team was featured by the combination of all those qualities. At the national games held from 1921 it carried off the championships six consecutive times and first prize at all Korean football games held in 1921. That time national football games were held separately both in Pyongyang and Seoul.

From 1933 the Muo team joined in the Pyongyang football team to compete the Seoul team in the two-city football matches, remaining one of the two strongest teams in Korea.

O Chol Hun