Jong Tae Se plot against North Korea blasted FIFA exposure was sad for the spiritual victory

Jong Tae Se plot against North Korea blasted FIFA exposure was sad for the spiritual victory

ZhengDaShi attack FIFA

AP second division of the Korean national team and clubs are very active in Bochum Chong Tese, now on a regular basis each month in GOAL.COM website to upload their own soccer story. The second column in this particular, he recalled feeling a little World Cup qualifiers, Chong Tese said he doubts FIFA promote fair competition, but protection teams, such as discrimination against the Korean team. He also believes that the spirit of the Korean coaching victory to their own sorrow.

Chong Tese, wrote: “This session of the national team during qualifying, I think a lot of things, first from the Uzbekistan game about, you know, we lost to Uzbekistan, which also means that North Korea loss of qualify. In fact, there is no effort to analyze the reasons for the failure. I even fear losing game review, if that would lead to self-confidence hit, but in this game, I completely see the fact that : North Korea is not to please a team in this game, the referee a lot of obvious miscarriage of justice, of course North Korea away from home, to a certain extent, is understandable, can be so excessive, that I had to re- look in the end what constitutes ‘fair play’?

FIFA has always been to emphasize fair competition, but they are always biased towards teams, some of the policy is always to their favor, such as North Korea return to the qualifying draw 4 files, which with South Africa before World Cup Asian Cup is also amazing how similar our challenges are always a matter of course into the commonly known ‘group of death’ which, it seems kind of forces deliberately prevent us from qualifying.

Subsequently, Chong Tese and talked about the team’s World Cup competition in Japan. “After the failure of the impact of the Top Ten, we welcome the rival Japanese team, it is indeed a very mixed feelings of the game. Taking into account the historical background, the game included the political climate can not be ignored. I would not to show off, message from the fans after the game, I saw a lot of praise, but some remarks provoked my anger is the fact that. “

“We won, of course happy, although some rough ground action, but we have been in the context of football rules allow the referee will generally be the impact of home environment, care for the home team, while I want the game, the referee penalty more fair, the Korean team wins the upright. Before the game, playing the Japanese national anthem when the fans boo, I feel a bit sorry that I often participate in international competition, playing the national anthem also encountered this kinds of ridicule. can understand the feelings of the fans, but I do not want doping in sport purely political factors too. the development of football for North Korea, I think we should get rid of this part.

“as a national team player, can play the political feelings of the opponents hold, which is the national team against some of the subtle charm of Maradona still not England still hate it? make every effort on behalf of the motherland is not any problems. Football is not war, to take into account the movement of its properties. Unfortunately, there are people who fight to football as North Korea and Japan is just a football game dialogue, we do not have a foul, his teammates and with the ability and technology in Japan Competition, after all we’ve been eliminated, the burden is not too much, so there have been many exciting scenes of our order to win, from beginning to end the oppression of the other strong, so we are proud to win. “

at the same time proud, Chong Tese is also too much emphasis on the spirit of the Korean coaching staff was criticized by force. “I replace half the coach put down as a player very Shangzi Zun, but I still silently accepted, and went to the bench coach before and shook hands. To see his teammates to victory and burning passion, I always think it is and They fight together, to be honest I still want to continue playing in the field. Although we defeated the Japanese, but I do not think to catch up with them, should be recognized that our strength and there is a clear gap between Japan, the Korean team is still much deficiencies. we just take the mental strength to make up for these and get three points, fighting alone, after all, is limited circles. is constantly stressed the spiritual power of the coaching staff is also problematic. Every time I see accept the ‘spirit can overcome all the’ education of these people, my heart there always appearing Aiqi.

“willpower is indeed important, but strength is the foundation, together with the basis of invincible fighting spirit will, I hope North Korea will become a strong contender for the Asian championship, I will do my best efforts, bringing the This year the national team all the games all over, I plan to only focus on the next club competition, I have to fight to lead the league in Bochum in the summit. “


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  1. Un intervista molto interessante, di elogio ma anche di corretta autocritica (il vociare durante l'inno del giappone e il fatto di non essersi sentito all'altezza di altri giocatori)

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