More support to DPRK’s sports

More support to DPRK’s sports

The Korea Sports Fund (KSF) has been making a contribution to developing the country's sports with the help of overseas Koreans, foreign charities, individual figures and sports fans.

US-based expatriate Ri Jun Su, chairman of the International Sports Fellowship Association, is working to sponsor the DPRK contingent for the 30th London Olympics slated for next year.

Canada-based Rim Hyon Su and other overseas Koreans are rendering unstinting assistance to speed skaters in the homeland.

They have provided them with apparatuses and racing suits on several occasions and made arrangements for their training in Canada, contributing to improving their skills.

Among the foreign supporters is Maarten Boon, former resident officer of UNDP in Pyongyang.

"I've learnt that the DPRK is channelling big efforts into sports, especially into making sports mass-based. Back home, I'll work harder to render assistance to the sports sector of the country," said Maarten Boon on his visit to the aerobic centre run by the KSF during his recent stay in Pyongyang.

The KSF is engaged in a range of cooperation projects including those for building capacities of athletes, coaches and administrative officials, setting up and upgrading sporting facilities, making sports mass-based, developing physical culture for women and children, training promising and reserve athletes and raising a special fund for would-be participants in Paralympics.

By Chae Chol Man PT

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