Premier league ends

Premier league ends

The DPRK premier league football matches took place as part of the National Championships in
Kim Il Sung Stadium between October 1 and November 5.

Eleven male teams and eight female teams played round-robin matches for this year's title.

The fierce competition served as an important occasion to showcase the capacity and potential of each participant and help upgrade the country's soccer level.

With a tally of 212 goals the nation's top-level soccer competition was featured by high speed, well-knit two or three-person combination and daring shot in the goal area.

Running time and distance of the players increased remarkably over the previous competitions and counteroffensives by wing breakthroughs were powerful.

The April 25, Sobaeksu, Kigwancha and Amnokgang teams proved successful in the male division by improving the speed of passes and switchover from attack to defence and vice versa based on one touch and long and medium-distance passes.

Backed by the sound physical fitness, the April 25 scrambled for ball in the rivals' areas to enhance the ball control rate and reset the shooting frequency by occupying favourable positions, netting 19 goals, the highest score among the male teams.

Females from the same club also won the division by scoring three goals in a match on average.

They were the sole team who won all matches in both divisions.

Coaches' role saw a boost during the competition.

Kim Mun Chol and Ri Ui Ham, chief coaches of the April 25 male and female teams, managed to turn adversity into opportunity by making bold decisions and applying a variety of tactics with accurate analysis of the opponents' strength and weakness.

The competition was highlighted by refined skills by promising players.

Paek Sol Hui from Ponghwasan female team set a record of direct free kicks, and Chae Tu Yong from Kigwancha male team scored a hat trick.

"All the matches gave us fresh confidence and courage. Most teams adopted attack-oriented tactics, making the matches more dynamic and unfolding fantastic scoring scenes. They have upgraded their level," said Kim Won Hyok from Moranbong District.

April 25 earned the male title, followed by Kigwancha and Sobaeksu.

April 25 also won the female title, Amnokgang finished runner-up and Rimyongsu came third.

By Jo In Ok PT