Premier Soccer League for Mangyongdae Prize Held

Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) — The premier soccer league of Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games came to an end. It has been under way since the end of March.
The first round of the league was over late in April.
Finals of the second round of men’s soccer league between the April 25 Team and the Kigwancha Team took place at Kim Il Sung Stadium and finals of the second round of the women’s soccer league between the Sobaeksu Team and the Pyongyang Team at May Day Stadium.
The April 25 Team came first in the men’s games and the Sobaeksu Team in the women’s games of the second round of the league.
The April 25 Men’s Team and the Sobaeksu Women’s Team placed first in the total standings of the premier soccer league respectively.