Premier Soccer League for Torch Cup in DPRK

The men’s premier soccer league for Torch Cup goes on here, divided into two groups, starting on July 27.
Included in group A are April 25, Pyongyang, Amnokgang, Sonbong, Chobyong, Myohyangsan and Ministry of Light Industry teams and group B Ponghwasan, Kigwancha, Wolmido, Sobaeksu, Rimyongsu, Hwaebul and Jangsubong teams.
April 25 and Pyongyang teams are winners in the Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games and the Sports Contest for Pochonbo Torch Prize.
Taking the lead in group A round robin are April 25, Pyongyang, Ministry of Light Industry and Chobyong teams. The April 25 team scored ten goals in the matches with Amnokgang and Myohyangsan teams.
In group B there were eight matches until now, six of which ended in a draw.
The group league matches will come to a close on August 24 and there will be the semifinals on August 25 and the finals on August 28.
Rodong News Team