Pyongyang Int’l Football School

Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) — It is one year since the Pyongyang International Football School, built on scenic Rungna Islet in Pyongyang, began its operation.
In the period the school improved its educational and living environment.
A geothermal heating system was introduced, with more advanced educational equipment and apparatuses supplemented. Dietary meals are served to the schoolers in keeping with their ages and physical and health conditions.
Educational subjects and hours were instituted to suit the features of a professional sports school. Its instructors are winners of the title of Merited Athlete or experienced persons with coach career.
The school, divided into primary, junior and senior classes, has paid big efforts to raising its enrollees’ command of foreign languages and deepening their knowledge of mathematics. Meanwhile, its students have striven to acquire advanced football techniques on the basis of analysis into international matches.
The school took the title at the soccer tournament of the 51st National Games of Juvenile Sports Schools.
Making debut at the 3rd International Children’s Invitation Football Tournament held in China this March, the school teams (U-11, U-13) won two trophies and the titles of best player and top scorer.
Principal Hyon Chol Yun told KCNA that school would do its best to raise the country’s football to the world’s level.