Sportspersons Honored with Title of People′s Athlete

Sportspersons Honored with Title of People′s Athlete

Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) — An estimated 200 sportspersons have won the title of People’s Athlete in the DPRK over the past 45 years since the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly issued a decree on the institution of the title in Juche 55 (1966).

Sin Kum Dan and Pak Doo Ik were the first in the country to take the title.

Sin set new world records eleven times in international track-and-field tournaments, bagging many gold medals, while Pak played a big role in the DPRK team’s defeat of the Italian team in the 8th World Cup.

Afterwards, a lot of sportspersons were honored with the title after scoring good results in international tournaments.

Pak Yong Sun won the women’s singles of the World Table-tennis Championship two times, Ku Yong Jo took a gold medal in men’s boxing event of the 21st Olympic Games and Ri Ho Jun renewed the world record in men’s shooting event of the 20th Olympic Games.

Jong Song Ok won women’s marathon of the 7th World Track-and-Field Championship and Kye Sun Hui took four gold medals in world judo championships. Kim Il, Pae Kil Su and Ri Song Hui also won gold medals in Olympic games and world championships.

Hong Chang Su, Jong Tae Se and An Yong Hak, Koreans living in Japan, were also honored with the title of People’s Athlete.

Kim Chun Phil, Choe Kwang Sok and other competent coaches are also winners of the title.


Pak Doo Ik