Surging Sports Enthusiasm

The first round of group league matches of the men’s premier soccer games of the DPRK Championships are going on at Kim Il Sung Stadium with success.

All the soccer players are displaying enthusiasm to the full, replete with unprecedentedly firm determination to win victory.

Busy as he was with state affairs, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un appreciated a football match at Kim Il Sung Stadium on August 14 together with Pyongyang citizens.

That day enthusiastic cheers rocked the stadium.

The footballers of the Ryongaksan Team and Pothonggang Team were overfilled with great happiness and emotion of playing their game before Kim Jong Un whom they wanted to see even in dream.

He gave a big hand to the players whenever goals were made to the delight of the audience, thus inspiring them. His look was just the same with those of the great Generalissimos President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il who devoted their heart and soul for the development of the sports and physical culture throughout their lives.

The athletes of the two teams skillfully played the game by displaying firm fighting they had polished in everyday training and thus received stormy applause from the spectators.

At the end of the game, cheers of “Manse” shook the stadium again.

Kim Jong Un warmly waved to the footballers and spectators who were raising enthusiastic cheers to congratulate them on their successful playing. He, with bright smile on his face, blessed the rosy prospect for Juche-oriented sports development to be made under the guidance of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Athletes, let’s rush forward higher and faster!

Story by O Chol Ryong
Photo by Kim Jin Myong, Han Kwang Myong