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Kim Kwang-Min miglior tecnico del 2014

L’allenatore della nazionale femminile Kim Kwang-Min, medaglia d’oro ai Giochi Asiatici, è stato nominato miglior tecnico della RPDC.


Ecco l’elenco completo:
1) 김광민 (Kim Kwang Min – national woman team – football)
2) 박기싱 (Pak Ki Song – 4.25 Sports Team – weightlifting)
3) 로현철 (Ro Hyon Chol – Amnokgang Sports Team – weightlifting)
4) 김춘필 (Kim Chun Phil – Pyongyang Sports Team – gymnastics)
5) 리창종 (Ri Chang Jong – Ryongnamsan Sports Team – free-style wrestling)
6) 신명수 (Sin Myong Su – 4.25 Sports Team – gymnastics)
7) 안철영 (An Chol Yong – 4.25 Sports Team – table-tennis)
8) 최밀향 (Choe Mi Hyang – Kigwancha Sports Team- gymnastics)
9) 리명학 (Ri Myong Hak – 4.25 Sports Team – wrestling)
10) 임상호 (Im Sang Ho – Korea University of Physical Education – swimming)

Well-known Football Coach

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) — The women’s football team of the DPRK took the first place in the 17th Asian Games, emerging one of the strongest teams in the world. The team’s success would have been unthinkable without the leading role of its chief coach Kim Kwang Min.
Kim Kwang Min, born in Pyongyang, began football at his age of 15 before joining the April 25 Sports Team one year later.
He was active as a back in the 13th Universiad and the 17th and 18th International Soccer Championships for King Cup, drawing attention of experts. Later, he was picked up as the chief coach of different women’s football teams.
He led his teams to winning the cups in the 22nd Universiad, the 4th Military World Games, the 15th Asian Games, the 2008 Asian Women’s Football Championships, the 2013 East Asian Cup and the 6th East Asian Games.
In 2008, the Asian Football Confederation awarded the DPRK team its best women’s football team prize and Kim Kwang Min its best coach prize.
Kim Kwang Min, a winner of the titles of the DPRK Labor Hero and the People’s Athlete, was selected as the best coach of the country in 2007, 2008 and 2013.

Kim Kwang Min