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Asian Cup 2015: North Korea preparations shrouded in secrecy ahead of opening game

IT’S the case of the disappearing footballers – an entire squad enveloped in as much mystery as you might expect when they hail from the world’s most repressive regime.

North Korea’s football team will arrive in Sydney ahead of the Asian Cup early next week – but so far every part of their planned whereabouts has been treated appropriately like a state secret.

Where the other 15 competing nations have notified organisers and media of their training venues and pre-tournament friendlies, North Korea will apparently arrive and simply hide away until their opening game against Uzbekistan at ANZ Stadium on January 10.

The team is currently training in the Chinese province of Hainan, before heading to Sydney to finish their preparations.

It may not be a surprise, given the iron secrecy with which North Korea treats all of their affairs, and officials at the Asian Football Confederation say the Communist state’s football team simply ignores many strictures that relate to openness and media access.

How easy it will be to hideaway once the team is here remains to be seen, but then this is hardly a side not used to controversy.

Head coach Yun Jong Su is serving a one-year ban by the AFC for apparently abusing match officials after his side lost the Asian Games final to hated rivals South Korea two months ago.

Brilliantly though Su will be allowed to register as a team official and still conduct training sessions – just not coach the team on match days – though his predecessor Jo Tong-sop has been registered with the AFC as “head coach”.

It will also be interesting to see the support the team gets in that first game, after rows of “fans” in suspiciously identical garb at the 2010 World Cup were revealed to be hand-picked Chinese supporters there to support their “Communist cousins”.



I convocati dell’Uzbekistan

1. Eldor Suyunov (“Nasaf”)
2. Yegor Krimes (“Paxtakor”)
3. Shavkat Mullajonov (“Lokomotiv”)
4. Sardor Rashidov (“Bunyodkor”)
5. Anzur Ismoilov (“Chanchun Yatai”, Xitoy)
6. Bahodir Nasimov (“Padideh”, Eron)
7. Aziz Haydarov (“Al Shabab”, BAA)
8. Server Jeparov (“Seongnam”, J.Koreya)
9. Odil Ahmedov (“Krasnodar”, Rossiya)
10. Jamshid Iskanderov (“Paxtakor”)
11. Igor Sergeyev (“Paxtakor”)
12. Ignatiy Nesterov (“Lokomotiv”)
13. Lutfullo To‘rayev (“Lokomotiv”)
14. Shuhrat Muhammadiyev (“Nasaf”)
15. Jasur Hasanov (“Lokomotiv”)
16. Vohid Shodiyev (“Bunyodkor”)
17. Sanjar Tursunov (“Vorskla”, Ukraina)
18. Timur Kapadze (“Aktobe”, Qozog‘iston)
19. Vitaliy Denisov (“Lokomotiv”, Rossiya)
20. Islom To‘xtaxo‘jayev (“Lokomotiv”)
21. Akbar To‘rayev (“Bunyodkor”)
22. Farrux Sayfiyev (“Nasaf”)
23. Akmal Shorahmedov (“Bunyodkor”)

“Il nostro obiettivo sono i quarti di finale”

Ri Kang Hong, segretario generale della Federazione calcistica della RPDC, ha dichiarato che l’obiettivo minimo della nazionale in questa Coppa d’Asia è raggiungere i quarti di finale. In merito agli avverari del girone ha dichiarato: “L’Uzbekistan è messo molto bene dal punto di vista fisico, ma non abbiamo nulla da temere. L’avversario più insidioso è l’Arabia Saudita, che ha un gioco opposto al nostro. La Cina è una potenza sportiva ma calcisticamente non abbiamo nulla da invidiarle”.

Nel frattempo sembra rimandata a dopo la Coppa d’Asia la trattativa con Slišković visti i tempi ormai strettissimi (entro due giorni devono essere diramate le convocazioni finali).

China, North Korea sign sports exchange agreement for 2015

Pyongyang: Chinese ambassador to North Korea Liu Hongcai and the country’s vice sports minister, Son Kwang Ho, on Monday signed a sports exchange protocol for 2015 at the People’s Culture Palace here.

In their meeting before signing the agreement, Liu spoke highly of the important role of sports exchanges in consolidating and developing traditional China-North Korea friendly relationship and extended congratulations on extraordinary achievement made by the Korean athletes in international competitions in 2014, reports Xinhua.

Liu also voiced hope that sports departments of both China and DPRK can strengthen exchange and cooperation in the upcoming new year and elevate the level of competitive sports and mass sports campaigns in both countries, so as to make new contributions to cementing and advancing traditional China-North Korea friendship.

Son on his part said that enhancing sports exchange and cooperation with China is a major task of the North Korea’s sports departments.

Collaboration between sports departments of the two countries and support for each other will push North Korea-China relations to keep moving forward, he said.

The agreement included 18 sports exchange programmes covering football, shooting, judo and involved 585 people including coaches, athletes and physical educators from both countries.

In addition, both sides reached consensus on 19 training and exchange programs aimed at encouraging and promoting cooperation between China’s three northeastern provinces and the North Korea’s sports associations.


Notizie da Haikou

Allenamenti blindati per la nazionale nel ritiro cinese di Haikou.
L’allenamento è stato diretto da Jo Tong-Sop.
Attualmente i convocati sono 29 (non dovrebbero esserci ancora i Zainchi Ryang Yong-Gi e Ri Yong-Jik che raggiungeranno la truppa direttamente in Australia).
A domanda specifica non è stata ne confermata ne smentita la presenza di Jong Tae-Se.