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Mondiali femminili under17


15/03/2014 ore 20:00 Costa Rica-Venezuela;
ore 17:00 Italia-Zambia;
18/03/2014 ore 17:00 Venezuela-Zambia;
ore 20:00 Costa Rica-Italia
22/03/2014 ore 20:00 Zambia-Costa Rica;


15/03/2014 ore 17:00 Ghana-Corea del Nord;
ore 20:00 Germania-Canada;
18/03/2014 ore 17:00 Ghana-Germania;
ore 20:00 Canada-Corea del Nord;
22/03/2014 ore 17:00 Canada-Ghana;
ore 20:00 Corea del Nord-Germania


16/03/2014 ore 11:00 Nuova Zelanda-Paraguay;
ore 14:00 Spagna-Giappone;
19/03/2014 ore 17:00 Nuova Zelanda-Spagna;
ore 20:00 Paraguay-Giappone;
23/03/2014 ore 17:00 Giappone-Nuova Zelanda;
ore 17:00 Paraguay-Spagna


16/03/2014 ore 14:00 Messico-Colombia;
ore 17:00 Cina-Nigeria;
19/03/2014 ore 17:00 Messico-Cina;
ore 20:00 Colombia-Nigeria;
23/03/2014 ore 20:00 Nigeria-Messico;
ore 20:00 Colombia-Cina


27/03/2014 ore 14:00 1A-2B;
ore 17:00 1B-2A;
ore 17:00 1C-2D;
ore 20:00 1D-2C


31/03/2014 ore 17:00 vinc. primo quarto di finale-vinc. terzo quarto di finale;
ore 20:00 vinc. secondo quarto di finale-vinc. quarto quarto di finale


04/04/2014 14:00 perdente semifinale 1-perdente semifinale 2


04/04/2014 ore 17:00 vincente semifinale 1-vincente semifinale 2

Ri Hyang Sim, Promising Footballer of DPRK

Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) — Ri Hyang Sim, a footballer at the Amnokgang Sports Team in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, won Adidas Silver Ball at the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

As a midfielder, the girl scored two goals out of 11 goals in the first group league match against Gambia. She also provided a wave of scoring chances through her tactful passes in group league matches and quarterfinals.

Hwang Yong Bong, head coach of the DPRK team, told KCNA:

“Quick in actions, Ri Hyang Sim is good at judgment and pass in goal area. Backed by her, Ri Un Sim rose to be a top scorer with eight goals at the world cup.”

Ri Hyang Sim, a native of Pyongyang, started her career as a footballer at the age of 12 at a secondary school’s sports group.

She distinguished herself at the 2011 Asian U-16 Women’s Soccer Championship.

Ri Hyang Sim said:

“It is very regretful that the DPRK became the runner-up at the world cup.

I will do my best to make the DPRK win titles in future tournaments.”

Si chiude al secondo posto.

La lotteria dei rigori condanne la nazionale under-17 della RPDC, che perde la finalissima mondiale contro la Francia , di fronte alle 27000 persone del Tofig Bahramov di Baku.

Partita che si chiude, dopo 120 minuti, sull’1-1 con le coreane brave a recuperare lo svantaggio iniziale: al 33′ la rete francese della Declercq, e pareggio con la “solita” Ri Un-Sim nel finale (79′).

A decidere quindi sono i rigori: le coreana sbagliano subito, con Kim Un-Hwa, ma poi è l’errore della Romanelli a pareggiare i conti.

All’ottavo rigore l’errore decisivo di Ri Un-Yong che regale il mondiale alle transalpine.

Le coreane si consolano con un prestigioso secondo posto, che le conferma nazione leader nel calcio femminile under 17, visto che in tre edizioni del mondiale un primo, un secondo e un quarto posto: nessuna nazionale ha fatto meglio!

Inoltre Ri Un-Sim chiude il torneo con il titolo di capocannoniere, grazie a 8 gol. Sembra nata una nuova super stella dalle parti di Pyongyang…Che sia lei la nuova Ri Kum-Suk?

Inoltre, questo risultato è una boccata d’aria per il calcio femminile coreano dopo un’Olimpiade e un mondiale under-20 chiusi al di sotto delle aspettative.


Mondiale Under-17 femminile: è semifinale!

Vittoria di misura contro la nazionale canadese per la giovane nazionale coreana under17, che conquista la semifinale del mondiale di categoria.

A decidere la sfida è una doppietta della bomber Ri Un-Sim negli ultimi minuti del secondo tempo, al 78’ e all’87’. Inutile, se non per la fiebile speranza nel finale, la rete al 91’ della canadese Prince.

In semifinale le coreane, che si confermano tre le prime quattro al mondo nella categoria, incontreranno la vincente tra Germania e Brasile, dopo la vittoria iridata del 2008 e il quarto posto del 2010.

Con la doppietta Ri Un-Sim stacca tutte le contendenti e con 7 gol si issa al primo posto della classifica di capocannoniere.


USA-RPDC 1-1 ed è passaggio del turno!

Si decide tutto nei primi 4 minuti di gioco con le due reti Jenkins e Ri Un-SIm, l’ultima sfida del girone B del mondiale femminile under-17.
Nel resto della gara la Corea ha anche diverse occasioni per chiudere la sfida in vantaggio, ma con il pareggio si porta a casa la qualificazione ai quarti.

Americane eliminate dopo il 10-2 della Francia contro la malcapitata Gambia.

Le immagini salienti:


Korea DPR setting stellar standards

Korea DPR setting stellar standards

“Korea’s reputation goes before them in this competition,” said Guy Ferrier before his France side tackled Korea DPR in Group B on Tuesday. “They’re a very disciplined team who play good football and we’ll need to be wary of them.”

As it turned out, he was right to be concerned. Les Bleuettes narrowly avoided a football lesson as they scraped through to earn a 1-1 draw, and by the end of their game their respect for their opponents was enhanced. Once again, the Asian side have come to a FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in impressive shape.

“A lot of work has gone into the development of women’s football in our country,” the team’s coach Hwang Yong-Bong told FIFA.com by way of an explanation. “The education system in our football schools is excellent, and you can’t help but notice that that is bearing fruit. We regularly come away with good results in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.”

The same could be said of Asia in general as the continent has held a strong grip on the competition since the North Koreans won the maiden title at New Zealand 2008. Two years later, Korea Republic followed in their neighbours’ footsteps at Trinidad & Tobago 2010, where three of the four semi-finalists hailed from the Far East.

“In Asia, women’s football is still growing in popularity every year,” added Hwang. “That creates a certain competitiveness and explains why the sport is in such good health back home.”

True to form, the challengers from the Far East are turning heads again at Azerbaijan 2012. All the Asian teams won their opening games and they all remain unbeaten after the second round of matches – both feats setting them apart from every other confederation.

Korea DPR feel they should have done better against France as well. Solid at the back and highly disciplined overall, they came tantalisingly close to posting another victory. “We made too many mistakes to win that match,” said Hwang. “My players are young and lack maturity, but at least they gave everything.”

Mental strength
The Young Chollima are certainly not in the habit of throwing in the towel. Kadidiatou Diani’s equaliser for France was the fastest in FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup history, coming just 80 seconds after Korea DPR had gone ahead, but Hwang’s troops quickly recovered from the blow, dusted themselves down and went looking for the win. They launched wave after wave of attack on Romane Bruneau’s goal and fell narrowly short of making the difference, despite the best efforts of four-goal Ri Un-Sim, three-goal Ri Kyong-Hyang and two-goal Ri Hyang-Sim.

“Whatever happens, our mental strength will remain our number one asset,” said Hwang, who knows that his players will need all that strength in abundance if they are to lift the trophy. “The 16 teams in the tournament are here to win, ourselves as much as anyone. We’re going to fight right up until the end. Ultimately, it will be heart which makes the difference in this tournament. You don’t get to win just because you’re favourites. We want the title.”

To keep that dream alive, the North Koreans now need to obtain a positive result against one of the most fancied sides in the competition, with their final group game pitting them against USA in Baku on Saturday. “They’re a very strong team, but I’m staying optimistic,” said Hwang. “I’m convinced that my players will put in a better performance than against France.”

Given that Korea DPR went on to clinch the title after their last meeting with USA at this level – a 2-1 triumph in 2008 – he may also be hoping for an omen.

Mondiale Under-17 femminile: buon pareggio contro la Francia (1-1, Ri Un-Sim e Diani), che permette alle ragazze di Hwang Yong Bong di mantenere il primo posto del girone, a pari merito con gli Stati Uniti (che hanno vinto 6-0 contro il Gambia). Nell’ultima sfida del girone (sabato 29) contro le americane, basterà un pareggio, sperando in una dignitosa prestazione della difesa gambese (deve subire meno di 11 reti..) per passare il turno.

AFC U16: riscatto per i giovani allenati da Paek Kil-Song che superano per 2-1 i sauditi (reti di RI RYONG e RI KWANG-SONG), raggiungendo a 3 punti il Giappone (battuto 3-1 dai sudcoreani). Tutto si deciderà nella sfida di giovedì contro i nipponici.