DPRK Football Fans Regard Spanish “Tiki-Taka” as Worn-out

Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) — The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is drawing great attention of football fans and televiewers in the DPRK.
But it seems nothing can overpower the shock given to most of them due to the Spanish team’s early exit.
In this regard, Yu Myong Uk, an official of the DPRK Football Association, told KCNA:
Even a strong team may have a bitter experience of defeat.
But, I am very surprised at the Spanish team’s disgraceful defeat, as the Dutch team has been ranked far below the Spanish team in teams list.
It seems to me that Spanish “Tiki-Taka” is going bankrupt.
Pak Chol Nam, a teacher of Pyongyang International Football School, said:
The Spanish team’s defeat gave me a lesson that it is most important to grasp the tactics of rivals and smartly counter them.
I will further study together with my trainees lessons and experiences gained in the on-going World Cup to put the training on a more scientific basis.
Ryang Min Ho, a section chief of the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute, said:
I am closely following the result of every match.
The Spanish team’s loss is the most exceptional one for all employees of my institute.
I called my friend in the Cheyuk Sinmun (Sports newspaper) to say my opinion. My friend told me that now many football fans in the country are sending messages or making phone calls to his office to express their feelings or propose creative opinions on developing the football of the nation.