Local People Delightful at DPRK Successes in Olympiad

Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) — The news that DPRK athletes bagged two gold and one bronze medals in two days after the start of the London Olympic Games has delighted local people.

Kwon In Guk, a coach of the Jangsan Sports Team, told KCNA:

“A Korean proverb says that a good beginning makes a good ending. DPRK athletes made a good start as they won two gold medals in 24 hours in the Olympiad.

A Judo star An Kum Ae beat down all rivals in women’s 52 kg category and Om Yun Chol won the men’s 56 kg weightlifting title, setting a new Olympic record with 168kg in the 56kg clean and jerk on Sunday.

Ryang Chun Hwa took a bronze medal in women’s 48 kg weightlifting.”

Kim Chon Sok, a department director of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, said:

“All my family burst out into cheers when hearing the news about Olympiad.

Some evil-minded foreign media asserted that the DPRK would take only one silver medal, but our sportspersons refuted such assertion with good results.

The hostile forces had better try hard to get a correct understanding of the DPRK.” -0-