Premier Soccer Matches under Way in DPRK

Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) — Premier soccer matches for the DPRK Championships are going on in Pyongyang.
On Saturday, the Amnokgang Team beat the Sobaeksu Team 2:0 and the Myohyangsan Team defeated the Rimyongsu Team 1:0 in the women’s event.
On Sunday, the match between the Myohyangsan Team and the Rimyongsu Team ended with no goal and the Hwaebul Team drew with the Ministry of Light Industry Team at 1:1 in the men’s event.
In the women’s event the April 25 Team overpowered the Pyongyang Team 3:0, the Wolmido Team edged out the Mangyongbong Team 1:0 and the Ponghwasan Team beat the Hwangryongsan Team 3:1. -0-