Pyongyang Int’l Football School

Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) — Pyongyang International Football School has taken its shape on the scenic Rungna Islet on the Taedong River here as a center for training reserve footballers.
The four-building school, covering an area of 12 200 square meters, consists of a school building, hostels and cultural and welfare service building.
Classrooms, computer rooms, library and hostel rooms are fitted with high quality furniture.
With five-year primary, three-year junior secondary and three-year senior secondary education systems, the school majors in training of professional footballers while giving them education on basic subjects.
Hyon Chol Yun, principal of the school, told KCNA:
Leader Kim Jong Il in his lifetime had paid deep attention to developing the nation’s football technique onto the world’s level.
This school has been built under the deep care of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, who is willing to carry into practice Kim Jong Il’s lifetime intention. He personally named it Pyongyang International Football School and examined the design of its emblem, indicating details of its operation from schooling to provision of supplies.
The school has an enrollment of nearly 90 at present and is going to raise it up to 200 in the future.
Foreign football experts and coaches will be invited to teach the students. The school will also send its students abroad for football training while inviting foreign trainees.
All its teachers and schoolers are firmly determined to pay up to the loving care and trust shown by Kim Jong Un.