Regional Soccer Matches Held in DPRK

Regional Soccer Matches Held in DPRK

Regional soccer matches recently took place in South Hamgyong Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Ri Myong Song, section chief of Hamhung Stadium, told KCNA that the regional matches were aimed to raise the public interest in soccer throughout the country and ensure balanced development of all the soccer teams.

The matches were held in the way of group round robin and then playoffs in Hamhung and Kowon of the province. 11 teams including April 25, Mangyongbong and Chilbosan had competitions in Hamhung and 10 teams including Kalmaegi and Amnokgang in Kowon.

Top standings in the Hamhung matches were taken by Chilbosan, Kwanmobong and April 25 teams and those in the Kowon matches by Kalmaegi, Amnokgang and Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex teams.

Such matches will be held in other provinces, too, according to an official of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports. -0-