Rodong Sinmun: Let Us Glorify Songun Korea as Sports Powerhouse

The 7th National Conference of Sportspersons was opened here.
Sports are an important state affair which demonstrates the country’s dignity, spirit and national power.
It is only sportspersons that fly the national flag after winning victories in world arena in peacetime.
President Kim Il Sung formed an organization of sportspersons of new Korea and convened the 1st Conference of Sportspersons. Since the founding of the state they have performed great feats for the party and the leader, the country and its people.
The proud history of Juche-oriented sports is brilliantly recorded with shining victories and exploits of sportspersons as they have exalted the honor of the DPRK by winning gold medals in games to demonstrate the dignity of the country and the nation.
Every victory and success won by sportspersons proved to be incomparably tremendous might in inspiring the Korean people to fully display mental power to weather all tests of history under the guidance of the great leaders and great party. They are still powerfully encouraging them in their drive for building a thriving nation.
Under the energetic leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un, the Juche-oriented sports are greeting a new heyday.
It is the firm determination of the party to turn the country into a sports powerhouse as early as possible.
All officials in the field of sports and sportspersons should turn the DPRK into the world’s sports powerhouse by displaying indomitable mental power and ability to win one victory after another, regarding the meeting as a springboard for making leap forward.