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Specifica sui quadri tecnici

La Federazione calcistica coreana ha specificato che Yun Jong-Su non è stato estromesso dopo la squalficia dell’AFC per 1 anno. Infatti, coerentemente con quanto già scritto sul blog, Jo Tong-Sop era già allenatore della nazionale dopo i Giochi Asiatici, cioè nella tournee in Medio Oriente e durante le qualificazioni per la Coppa Est-Asiatica a Taiwan. Yun è stato nominato invece responsabile della nazionale olimpica, giocherà il Campionato Asiatico Under-23, valevole per la qualificazione ai Giochi Olimpici di Rio del 2016.

Le date dell’AFC U-23
Qualificazioni: 24-28 marzo 2015
Torneo: 12-30 gennaio 2016 (3 qualificate alle Olimpiadi)

Gli ultimi 3 allenatori della nazionale:

Kim Jung-Hun: 2010 Coppa del Mondo Sud Africa

Yu Jong-Sun: 2010 Campionato asiatico Under-19; 2011 qualificazioni olimpiche di Londra; 2012 qualificaizoni Mondiali Brasile, Challenge Cup, Preliminari della Coppa dell’Asia orientale preliminari; 2013 Giochi dell’Asia Orientale; 2014 Campionato asiatico Under-22, Incheon Giochi Asiatici

Jo Tong-Sop: 2010 Challenge Cup, Giochi Asiatici di Guangzhou; 2011 Coppa d’Asia, Mondiali under-20; 2012 qualificazioni Campionato asiatico Under-22; 2014 preliminari Coppa dell’Asia orientale; 2015 Coppa d’Asia

Yun Jong-Su: siamo pronti per l’AFC Challenge Cup

The defending champions, meanwhile, have been gearing up nicely the defence of their crown and having experienced direct entry into the 2011 AFC Asian Cup courtesy of their penalty shootout win over Turkmenistan in the final of the last AFC Challenge Cup, the experienced East Asians are determined to book their ticket to Australia 2015 via a similar passage.

“We have prepared well for this tournament and it is very important for us to get a berth in the next Asian Cup,” said head coach Yun Jong-su, whose squad includes six players who were in the DPR Korea team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals.

“We had a training camp in Vietnam which went very well and we had a tough friendly with the Kuwait national team.

“We have a good team with confident players but we are in a tough group. Every team is trying to win the trophy so it’s going to be a very hard tournament.”

Yun Jong Su: non sottovalutiamo nessuno

Conferenza stampa del dopo partita, per il ct coreano Yun Jong Su
"Non dobbiamo prendere alla leggera nessuna squadra. Non sarà facile per noi" ha commentato Yun Jong Su. "Dovevamo segnare più reti, ma lo Sri Lanka ha giocato con un solido atteggiamento difensivo" ha aggiunto.

Nel frattempo giugne notizia che la federazione calcistica georgiana ha invitato la DPR Corea per un'amichevole a  Tblisi, in giugno.

Young Footballers

Young Footballers

It is a common knowledge that the DPRK youth football team won the 2010 U-19 AFC, making a record of three consecutive victories in the championships.

Jong Il Gwan, the Player of the Championships

Jong Il Gwan, a quarterback, received the MVP award at the championships. Since he was 9—he was attending the Pyongyang Hasin Primary School—Jong has played football. Even in his childhood Jong was elastic in driving a ball, fast in speed and quick of sense to score, cutting a conspicuous figure in boys’ football games. His skills have remarkably improved later since he joined a sports team. He habitually likes reading and has set himself the goal of mastering three foreign languages. His intellectual power is manifested in his good command of football techniques.

In the finals against the Australian team he scored a hat-trick, a dream cherished by every footballer, winning cheers and applause of spectators and football experts. Jong says it is only the beginning of his football career.

Quarterback So Kyong Jin—Optimist of the Team

This was his first international game. But he fully displayed his forte—keeping composure, quick in circumstantial judgment and infallible in passing the ball.

He dreamed of becoming an able footballer like his father, now a football coach, and entered the Phyongchon District Juvenile Sports School in Pyongyang over ten years ago. His strenuous efforts made him a reliable quarterback of the youth team. He plays the central role not only on the sports ground. Whenever his teammates got tired after hard training, he would cheer them up by playing the guitar and singing songs. He is of the opinion that all teammates should be united in one mind to beat the opponents in games.

Forward Pak Song Chol—a “Dagger” Piercing Through the Defence Line

In the recent games he was most watched after by the opponent players. He was a constant threat to the opponent goalkeeper because of his sudden thrust and bold kicking. Quick thrust into the goal area is his forte. He would suddenly dash not only into the centre but also into the right and left of the opponents’ defence area to make opportunities for other players to win a score. His brilliant activity guaranteed the victory in the championships.

Though nicknamed A Dagger, Pak is a reserved man. He learned football at the Central School of Physical Education, and now is a promising forward of the April 25 Sports Team as a favourite with football experts. It was under the benevolent care of his country and his kind teachers that he developed his athletic talent, which even his father and mother, ordinary workers, failed to notice. So, he is eager in his training to live up to their expectations.

Secret of Success

“Modern football is a coaches’ war of intelligence” is a motto written on the front page of People’s Athlete Yun Jong Su’s diary, head coach of the football team.

At the championships, the Korean team scored 12 goals in all, which means two goals for each game on an average. A player of the Chinese team that lost the quarterfinals to the Koreans said, “The Korean team never missed the chances and scored two goals in the game.” Behind these goals stands Yun who is strict with his players and trains them in a scientific way. His guidance of training according to a scientific strategy and tactics is based on his experience as player for many years. He made it a point to acquaint himself deeply with the opponent team and fully understand the physical features of his young players before he completed his tactical plan organically combining all factors—fullback, quarterback and forward—and made the players master it fully in training and games. It was not an easy job for the players, but Yun’s warm love got them over the difficulty.

Yun says, “In the hearts of our youngsters are the words of our country. This has made them win. And they will win in the future, too.”

Jang Yu Jong

fonte: Naenara – Korea today